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We've had a lick of paint

Grid Girl Outfits was established in 2010 and we haven't changed our logo since. But 12 years later we felt it was time for a fresh update. You will soon start to see our new logo appear everywhere, replacing the old original logo. Meet the team

The majority of GGO customers would have dealt with Jason as he leads our new and existing business team. You may now be dealing with Dean who joins the team and brings a huge amount of experience and knowledge to the GGO family, so welcome to the team Dean. The rest of the GGO team consists of accounts, sales, marketing and the factory production team. Our Factory

New for 2022 we have completely revamped our factory and production lines. Not only do we produce Grid Girl Outfits but our teamwear orders and ring girl orders have been extremely busy.

This has meant bringing in new equipment for bespoke orders which have required lots of additional space. If you are considering having some new outfits made, then feel free to get in touch today CONTACT US

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