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Our Dress selection at Grid Girl Outfits is like no other in the world. All garments are made from complete scratch and to your exact requirements. We offer a full range of dresses and are constantly updating and improving the designs. We also work very closely with the promotional models and agencies and so are regularly making changes to ensure 100% comfort for the girls wearing the garments. 

Options Available

Neckline – ¼ Zip, Halter neck, V neck, Keyhole, Boob tube, or Scoop
Arms – Full sleeve, Short, Sleeveless

Extra Thick Material 
Grid Girl Outfits are worn all year around and not just for the summer, so it’s important to keep the promotional girls warm during the colder months. For more information click Here

Some examples below

Scoop Dresses

Long Sleeve Dress Grid Girl Outfits

Sizes available            XXS        XS          S            M           L
UK                                   6            8           10          12        14
U.S                                  2            4            6            8          10
European                      34          36          38          40         42
Australian                      6            8           10          12         14

boob tube dress

Boob Dress Grid Girl Outfits

v neck dress

V neck Dress Grid Girl Outfits

halter neck 

Halter Neck Dress Grid Girl Outfits

zip dress

Zip Dress Grid Girl Outfits

cut dress

Cut Dress Grid Girl Outfits
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