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Add warmth to your winter outfits

Grid Girl Outfits are worn all year round and not just during the summer, so it’s important to keep the promotional girls warm during the colder months. We have now introduced two additional extras to add to your outfits.

Grid Girl Outfits Material

1) Add extra thickness
We offer a thick Roubaix layering which is also 100% non-see-through and adds extra warmth during wear. The matrial also acts as a water repellent, so perfect for those wet days.

2) Thermal Layering
We can now add an extra internal thermal layering into the outfit. This adds extra comfort and keeps the user warmer during use.

There is a small charge for adding the extra warmth material.

We also offer jackets which complement the outfits and are made to match the rest of the uniforms. The softshell jackets are also water resistant.

Contact us now to receive an instant quotation.

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