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What is a Grid Girl

A grid girl is a woman employed to stand on the starting grid of a motorsport race, usually in a promotional capacity. They are typically dressed in branded clothing or outfits that showcase the sponsor's logos, and they may also hold grid boards displaying the starting position numbers of the competing drivers.

What is a Grid Girl?

Grid girls are also involved in various other tasks beyond just promoting sponsorships. They hold up boards displaying driver names and numbers during the pre-race ceremonies, and they also hold umbrellas to shield drivers from the sun or rain while they were waiting on the grid. Additionally, they often line the path leading to the winner's podium, where they would be present during the post-race ceremonies.

When did it all start?

When did Grid Girls Start?

During the 1970s and 1980s, the culture surrounding motorsport was often associated with a certain level of glamour and sex appeal, and this was reflected in the role of grid girls. Team owners and sponsors often wanted the girls to wear revealing outfits to attract attention to their teams, and the girls themselves may have seen the role as a way to gain access to the exciting world of motorsport and rub shoulders with the drivers. The old saying "Sex sells" is often used to suggest that using sexual imagery or themes in advertising can be an effective way to grab people's attention and generate interest in a product or service. As we all know, the world has changed a lot since the 70's and 80' and especially back in 2018 (which we will come to). The term "Sex sells" is still a massive thing and it always will be, despite the huge controversy around this. Whether you like it or not, girls dressed in skimpy / attractive outfits will still attract attention and draw in a crowd. Companies just have to plan and execute the way they do this a little differently these days.

What happened in 2018 and why were Grid Girls banned from F1?

F1 Grid Girls

In recent years, there has been a growing movement to eliminate the use of grid girls in motorsport events, including Formula 1. This movement was driven in part by concerns over gender equality and the objectification of women in the sport. Many people felt that the use of grid girls sent the wrong message about the role of women in the sport, and that it was time to move away from this outdated tradition.

In response to these concerns, Formula 1 announced in January 2018 that it would no longer use grid girls in its events, stating that the practice was no longer in line with the sport's values and brand. The decision was widely praised by those who had been advocating for change, while others criticized it as unnecessary political correctness.

Grid Girl Outfits

Since the ban on grid girls, Formula 1 has taken steps to promote greater diversity and inclusivity in the sport, including the launch of an initiative to encourage more women to pursue careers in motorsport. While there may be some nostalgia for the days when grid girls were a fixture of the sport, many other racing series are continuing to use Grid Girls.

Despite the changes and additional demands put on the girls over recent years there will always be a place for grid girls and promotional models will always view being selected as a grid girl as a real feather in their cap.

Grid Girls

The feedback that we have from girls that work at the motorsport events is that they have absolutely loved it. The smells, the atmosphere, the clients, the crowds and the excitement of motor racing is always a huge attraction. While we continue to educate the girls that it is hard work and they need more than just good looks they will jump through hoops for the opportunity to stand on a track in a cat suit, the wind blowing through their hair with crowds of people cheering. What’s not to love about being a grid girl!

What are the requirements to become a Grid Girl?

What are the requirements to become a Grid Girl?

Traditionally clients will always book attractive-looking girls. This has to be an equal mix of race, hair colour and skin tone. The most important requirement is height and all booked Grid Girls need to be a similar height. The main reason for this is when the girls are having photos taken or walking together, they need to be at equal heights. The average height for Grid Girls is generally between 5'8 and 5'10. However, if clients only require a small number of girls then height is not such an important factor, just as long as they are similar to the other girls booked.

In terms of weight and size, all different clients have different needs. Some will choose thinner girls, whilst others prefer the curvy Grid Girls. Especially in this day and age, clients are a lot more open and equal rights and opportunities are a huge thing. If you are considering becoming a Grid Girl, then just put yourself out there and see where the journey takes you.

How much do Grid Girls get paid? Grid gets will all earn a different wage and this depends on the company/agency they are working for. Typically Grid Girls can expect to earn between £120 - £160 a day ($150 - $200). However, some Grid Girls will work for free if they are new to the industry and looking for experience.

How to Become a Grid Girl?

How to Become a Grid Girl?

Becoming a Grid girl typically involves a combination of factors such as having a fit and attractive body, a confident and outgoing personality, and some experience in modeling or promotions. Here are some general steps you can take to become a Grid Girl:

  1. Get in shape: As mentioned earlier, being fit and toned is a key requirement for being a Grid girl. Start working on your fitness and nutrition to achieve a healthy body weight.

  2. Build modeling or promotional experience: Participate in modeling or promotional events to gain experience and confidence in front of the camera or a live audience.

  3. Network with promoters: Attend local race events and network with promoters, photographers, and other industry professionals. They may be able to refer you to a reputable agency or help you get your foot in the door.

  4. Contact promotional staffing agencies / Grid Girl agencies: Look up reputable agencies online and contact them to inquire about their hiring process.

  5. Prepare for auditions: If you are invited to audition for a Grid girl position, make sure to prepare thoroughly. This may involve practicing your poses and movements, selecting the right outfit and accessories, and being able to answer questions confidently.

Remember, becoming a Grid girl can be a highly competitive and selective process, so be persistent and keep working on your skills and experience.

What do Grid Girls wear?

Gird Girls will wear several different outfits and it depends on the venue or client. The most popular outfit is the "Catsuit" which is an all-in-one outfit made mostly from Polyester. The catsuits Grid Girl Outfits produce are designed to ensure they are stretchy, fit the body well and most important of all...comfortable. Nowadays the catsuits feature several bespoke options such as long/short arms & legs and different neck styles (zip, halter, scoop, keyhole etc).

Crop tops and hotpants/skirts are also very popular and particularly in the warmer countries. For the slightly colder countries clients generally combine the tops with our leggings. This also allows for extra advertising down the legs.

Grid Girls

The outfits are usually form-fitting and often feature bright colors or bold patterns. Some common elements of ring girl clothing include:

  • Catsuits

  • Crop top and Leggings

  • Crop top and Hotpants / Skirts

  • Dresses

  • Matching Jackets for colder days

  • High heels or other stylish footwear

  • Accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses, or hats

The specific outfit requirements can vary depending on the event and the client hiring the Grid girls. Some events may have specific dress codes or themes, while others may allow for more creative freedom. At Grid Girl outfits we design and create Grid Girl outfits on a weekly basis, so get in touch to discuss any requirements.

We hope this blog has answered any questions you may have and we wish you the very best out there.

Grid Girl Outfits xx

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