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Bespoke Service Vs Buy Now items

As you may already be aware, Grid Girl Outfits offer two different services and we wanted to take the time to explain the difference between the two. On this website (US) we only offer a bespoke service. You need to head over to our UK site for our stock items. BUT we will list an exclusive discount code at the bottom of this blog for US customer purchasing stock items.

Bespoke Service

Our custom made bespoke service is by far our most popular and makes up 85% of our business. With this service everything is made to order and everything starts with a blank canvas. STAGE 1

We start the process off by deciding what style of outfits the clients are looking for (Catsuits, crop tops, dresses, leggings, skirts etc). Then we go into finer details by discussing arm lengths, are zips to be added plus other specialised details. Some of our clients have specialised design requests and wish for garments to be created that have never been done before. This does take several months and there is nothing we cannot create. STAGE 2

Once we know what style of outfit the client requires we can then discuss how the outfits will visually look. This can be done in several ways and it is completely down to the client preference.


Once the visuals have been completed by our designers, we shall then send a copy across to you via email. This is the stage where you have the opportunity to make amendment suggestions and this process will go back and forth until you are happy with the designs.


Once the client is satisfied with the visuals we then ask them to approve the visuals and confirm the sizes which are needed. STAGE 5

The order is then sent to the production team. The lead time is 3-4 weeks, but we do offer a fast track service which is 1-week turn around (extra fees do apply for this).


Buy Now Range

Our buy now (online shop) was set up a couple of years back and due to popular demand. These are items which we physically hold in stock and can be shipped out immediately.

These items cannot be edited in anyway, but of course you can take to a local printers if you require some basic printing.

This range is great if you need some outfits quickly for an event or simply personal use. We have lots of regular clients who simply adore this range and purchase many sets over the years. We generally offer 4 different sizes (XXS, XS, S and Medium).

Main Shop

We also stock some classic outfits and sometimes un-used outfits which clients have given us permission to sell, but these outfits do sell out quickly, so you need to be quick.

Clearance Items We often have items on sale which we are looking to discontinue and so these are featured with a huge discount. We also feature outfits that clients no longer require or special limited edition items. Basically you will find some great bargains in this section. These items are also in stock and available for next day delivery.

Pre-order and Save This section was added early 2020 and allows you to save up to 20% on the featured range. The pre-order means it will be made from scratch for you and will take 3-4 weeks. It cannot be edited, but as you are waiting 3-4 weeks for the item it will be 10-20% cheaper. This is a great way to get a fantastic item cheaper if you can wait a little while. The other advantage with the Pre-order range is that we offer sizes from XXS up to 3XL. The Pre-order range offers a superb selection and nothing will ever discontinue in this range. Superheroes

This range was launched May 2020 and features a selected range of Superhero outfits. These are currently only available on pre-order, but may soon join the main shop and be available for next day delivery. Again the superhero range is available in XXS up to 3XL. We are planning to add may other heroes to this range during the year.


This section requires a password to enter and features exclusive items. All brand new items to be released will be featured here first as well as exclusive outfits from racing teams and other clients who no longer require them. To be featured here you need to have made over 5 “Buy now” purchases or be granted special access.

KN95 Face Mask During the Pandemic COVID-19 Grid Girl Outfits sourced a limited number of Face masks. These masks are made from the highest quality and have been priced as competitive as possible. Depending on when you are reading this blog, this section may or may not be featured. The stock we hold is limited and we only want to offer these whilst people really need them.

Hopefully this explains the difference between our two services (Bespoke & Buy Now). If you have any questions or simply wish to get in touch then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email



If you wish to purchase something from our UK online shop then feel free to use this 10% discount code. usa2020 Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope it was helpfull.

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